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Lamisell Ltd – reliable suppliers of glulam beams and glued-laminated-timber structures

Ours is not a complicated business and our aims are simple; to provide immediate access to glulam stocks in a wide range of dimensions. We believe that if we provide our


customers with what they want, when they want it and at an acceptable price we will have a recipe for success!

We know that we can’t do everything so we strive to ensure that what we do, we do well.

We hold stocks of straight beams ready for rapid despatch nationwide on our own modern transport fleet with bespoke trailers able to deliver lengths of up to 13.5 metres. Our stock range of dimensions caters for, in our experience, more than 95% of routine requirements.

The beams can be specifically cut to the clients’ required lengths and, before despatch, are wrapped and securely bundled ready for safe loading. Whether it is a single beam or more, each order receives our best attention.

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GLULAM - We Stock It

The first experiments with the lamination of timber were carried out some 100 years ago. During the ensuing decades improvements in adhesives have opened up great possibilities for creating exciting timber structures, that could not be achieved with any other materials, by incorporating laminated glulam beams and trusses and structural laminated arches and curves.


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Lamisell Ltd

Reliable suppliers of GLULAM BEAMS - specifically cut to your requirements...

No waste, no minimum quantity and prompt nationwide deliveries.


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