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Glulam Sizes and Specs


A wide range of dimensions are available in lengths of 13.50 metres which can be cut to meet your requirements.

Glued Laminated Timber  Manufactured to BSEN 385, BSEN 386 and BSEN 14080.
Species European Whitewood (Redwood, Larch or Douglas Fir to special order) free from attack by insect or fungi
Grade GL24h
Lamination Thickness 45mm
Adhesive Type Melamine urea formaldehyde
Surface Finish Clean planed finish with significant defects made good
Moisture Content 12% amc (at time of manufacture)
Curved Beams To special order
Joinery Works To special order


Stock section sizes (other dimensions available on request)
mm 140 180 200 225 270 315 360 405 450 495 540 585 600
56       Y                  
66       Y Y                
90       Y Y Y Y Y Y Y      
115       Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
140 Y     Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
160                         Y
180   Y                      
200     Y                    

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