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About Our Glulam

The first experiments with the lamination of timber were carried out some 100 years ago. During the ensuing decades, improvements in adhesives have opened up great possibilities for creating exciting structures that cannot be achieved with any other materials.

Lamisell use only timber from purpose planted forests.

Project location is no barrier to the service offered by Lamisell.

Benefits of Glulam include..

  • Environmentally friendly compared with concrete and steel
  • Lamination allows shapes not possible with other materials
  • Cost effective when compared with concrete and steel
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • More versatile in shape and form than other materials
  • Good fire resistance
  • Excellent corrosive resistance
  • Light to transport and handle
  • Very large spans are possible
  • Attractive appearance of natural wood
  • Secondary fixings are simple with timber

This is glulam!thisisglulam

Cut it - shape it - slot it - drill it

Just like timber.....

It is timber. 

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